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The Sacredness of the Landscape and the Well-being of the Earth

by Francis Joy

“The earth so say the Shamans possesses a structure that is related in essence to that of the Human body. Like us, it has breath – the air. Like us, is has a heartbeat – the fiery magma. Like Us, it has a skeletal system – the mountains and stones. Like us it has a musculature –the hills and forests. It has glands like us – its mineral wealth. And it has a consciousness –its own thought, of which we ourselves are merely one aspect…..” Marie Du Lorier.

I am Francis Joy a PhD student originally from England, but currently studying at The University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design, Finland. My work for the PhD is concerned with Spirituality and Saami history as portrayed through art and nature. The content of this paper is relevant for what I have learned about spirituality and the sacred nature of the environment, especially here in the Arctic, which is literally located on the top of the world. This ‘sensitive’ landscape is under serious threat from the proposed extensive extraction of its mineral wealth, not only in Finland but throughout all the circumpolar regions around the world. These areas are where many indigenous peoples live. This article attempts to address a number of issues relating to the well-being of the planet in light of these threats.

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